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Checkout the best way to File a Car Insurance Claim

Getting into a car crash can be stressful and cause panic, even if you are
protected with car insurance. Many folks have coverage, but don’t know
what to do after an accident and don’t know how to file a car insurance
claim. Keep calm and read on.
The car insurance claim process may seem daunting, but it is easier than
it appears. Here is some information on what to do after a collision and
how to file a claim with little hassle.
Things You Should Know Before the Worst Happens
No one plans to get into an accident, but it’s important to know what your
policy covers in case you have file a car accident injury claim or any other
insurance claim. Read through your policy so you always know where you
stand. Know how much liability coverage you have and if you have
collision and comprehensive coverage. If you notice any coverage you
want that isn’t included in your plan, contact your insurance company to
get it added to your policy. Reading over your policy can also inform you
on how to best file an auto insurance claim with your insurer if you
cannot proceed with traditional methods.
After the Accident
There is a whole guide on what to do after getting into an auto accident
and there are some steps that take priority before filing accident claims.
In short, pull over and park away from traffic if possible, check yourself
and others involved in the accident for injuries, call the police to report
the accident, and exchange insurance information with the people
involved with the collision. Also, take pictures of the accident scene if you
are able, write down license plate numbers of all vehicles involved in the
collision, and write down the names and contact information of any
Contact Your Insurance Company
Regardless of whoever caused the accident, you should call your
insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident and file a
claim. There should be a national or local phone number on your
insurance card that you can call. When you speak with your insurance
representative, ask if there are any particular forms you need to fill out or

other information they need in order to swiftly process auto accident
claims. Knowing what information you’ll need to obtain, usually items
such as repair bills and the police report, will save you from making
follow-up phone calls later on.
Take Your Car to a Repair Shop
While most state laws prohibit insurance companies from favoring
specific auto body repair shops, many will provide you a list of local shops
that are backed by repair and labor guarantees. Ultimately, you will be the
one to choose which repair shop will fix your car. Make sure you know
what your settlement amounts are before signing off on an estimate for
repairs. You don’t want to end up paying beyond your policy’s limit if you
can help it. Keep and make copies of all paperwork.
Cooperate With Your Insurer
Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be required to give
your insurer additional information. They may call the repair shop to
discuss the estimate for repairs or send an insurance adjuster to inspect
the car. You may need to send copies of any legal papers or settlement
offers you receive in relation to the accident. This can help your insurer
defend you if you are sued as a result of the accident. It may seem like a
hassle, but it is all in the interest of providing you the protection you
Keep Records of All Related Expenses
If you get a car estimate, hospital bill, a bill for a rental car, or any other
expense related to your car accident, you need to be able to show proof
of it to your insurance company. Keep any and all receipts or paperwork
that indicates how much you paid or need to pay. You should also write
down and report anything that could be considered lost wages. This can
help you get reimbursed properly for these expenses.
Keep and Store Copies of Paperwork
This has been mentioned previously multiple times, but it bears repeating.
It is important to keep any and all paperwork related to your accident in
order for your insurance provider to refer to it when filing your car
insurance claim. Keep the originals and make copies of any forms, bills,
or other items related to your accident. You should also consider keeping
your records organized in a file and kept in a safe place in your home.
If You’re Dissatisfied, Talk to Your Insurance Agent
If your claim has been processed and you aren’t satisfied with your
payout, don’t be afraid to talk things over with your insurance provider.
You can both review what was outlined in your policy agreement and see
if there was any information that was overlooked or forgot to provide. It
could also be an opportunity to update your insurance policy to include
certain coverages that weren’t available to you in this instance.
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