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INSURANCE: Checkout the Best Type Of Life Insurance For You

****Single with No Dependents***

If no one depends on you financially, you usually don't need
life insurance. Your untimely death will certainly affect a lot of
people, but it won't put them in a financial bind in most
cases. If your parents aren't well-off, however, you might
consider purchasing a small, inexpensive policy that would
cover your funeral and burial costs .

***Just Got Married***

Getting married in and of itself doesn't mean you need to
purchase life insurance. However, events associated with
getting married, like buying a house and having children, do
mean that you'll probably need it soon. Since life insurance
gets more expensive as you get older, and since a decline in
health could make your policy more expensive or make you
uninsurable, you might want to go ahead and get life
insurance when you get married if you're young and healthy.

***Just Bought a House***

If you've just bought a house, among the flood of junk mail
you'll receive will be solicitations for mortgage protection
insurance, also called mortgage life insurance . These come in
the form of official-looking notices instructing, not asking, you
to complete and return a short document requesting personal
information such as the borrower and co-borrower 's date of
birth, sex, tobacco use, occupation, phone numbers, age and
weight. Filling out this form does not usually mean that you're
purchasing an insurance policy; it just sets you up to receive
sales phone calls to further discuss mortgage protection
insurance and perhaps other financial products.
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  1. Life insurance has several purposes. Its most important function is to replace the earnings that would cease at the death of the insured.
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