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NORTH Korea warned that the US risks starting an uncontrollable phase of nuclear war.

The South Korean president Moon Jae-in has said that his
country’s joint military exercise with the US is purely defensive
in nature.
"There is no intent at all to heighten military tension on the
Korean peninsula as these drills are held annually and are of a
defensive nature," he said.
"North Korea should not exaggerate our efforts to keep peace
nor should they engage in provocations that would worsen the
situation, using (the exercise) as an excuse.”

The family of James Joseph Dresnok, the American soldier
who defected to North Korea in 1962, had died.
His two sons Ted and James Dresnok confirmed that their
father suffered a fatal stroke in November last year and died
loyal to the “great leader Kim Jong-un”.
“Our father was in the arms of the republic and received only
the love and care of the party until his passing at age 74,” Ted
said in a video.
The brothers were born in North Korea and spoke Korean.
“Our father asked us to render devoted service to our great
leader Kim Jong-un,” Ted continued.
Should the North Korean dictator make good on his promise
to attack the US, it is unlikely he will personally stick around
to see the consequences.
A former ambassador of the hermit state has revealed
Kim has an escape plan for fleeing over the border to China in
the event of a US military attack on North Korea.
Details of the secret plan were given to MI5 and the CIA by
Thae Yong-ho last year after his defection to the West.
The former deputy North Korean ambassador to Britain, once
a trusted member of Kim’s inner sanctum, said the dictator
would direct his country’s military response from the safety of
Chinese soil, close to the Yalu river which marks the border of
the two countries.
4.00pm: Reduction in US troops for South Korea war games
nothing to do with the North
US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has confirmed that a
reduction in the number of US troops taking part in this week’s
joint exercise with South Korea has nothing to do with the
ongoing tensions with Pyongyang.
"The numbers are by design to achieve the exercise objectives
and you always pick what you want to emphasise," he said.
"Right now there is a heavy emphasis on command post
operations, so the integration of all the different efforts.”
Mr Mattis spoke while travelling to Jordan, where he will meet
with Middle East leaders to discuss the fight against ISIS.
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